When safety is on the line, only the very best training solution will suffice. We are committed to providing best-in-class simulation software to facilitate safe, effective and realistic training in specialized, safety critical domains.

We blend cutting edge technology, domain knowledge expertise, agile development and customer engagement, create world-leading software products. We have two product pillars of Safety/Accreditation and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning.

US DoD Fires Center of Excellence (FCOE)

The Marine Detachment at the US Fires Center of Excellence, Fort Sill, OK utilizes FiresFST to train their officers during Basic Officer Leaders Course.  They are trained in
Nautilus Accredited JTAC Domes

Highlighting the scalability and flexible configurations supported by SimCentric’s joint fires software, Nautilus International Risk Consultants have successfully delivered
ADF 3D Range Design

Presented at Army Innovation Day 2017 up to Chief of Army level, SimCentric Technologies has collaboratively developed their JSP403 compliant SAF-Foresight 3D Range Design, Visualization
USSOCOM / VATC AC130 Gunship Training

Visual Awareness Technologies and Consulting Inc. (VATC) worked with SimCentric throughout 2018 to deliver simulation-based training to USSOCOM, enhancing the employment
US Air Force Academy

SimCentric is proud to have delivered VBS3Fires FST, in conjunction with Bohemia Interactive Simulations’ VBS3 synthetic environment, to the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs,
Swedish MOD Joint Fires

The Swedish Armed Forces procured an enterprise licence of VBS3Fires FST in 2016 that included several nation specific customization and development requirements, all achieved, in
New Zealand Defence Force

The New Zealand Defence Force has adopted SimCentric’s VBS3Fires FST as its core Joint Fires training software since 2016, with employment at the Mission Command Training School
Meggit FATS

Meggitt delivered VBS3Fires FST as its singular Joint Fires training solution within both the Individual Skills Marksmanship Trainer (USMC – 2016) and the Weapon Training Simulation System (ADF

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About SimCentric

SimCentric Technologies is an advanced software development company with a particular focus on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies. Offering advanced, “best in class”, high fidelity and modular COTS applications and Middleware, SimCentric has a decade of experience working with military, industry, government and academia across the globe to achieve tangible results.Read More

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  • For over a decade SimCentric has provided sought after expertise for the military simulation and software industry.
    SimCentric Technologies currently provides comprehensive Surface and Aerial Fires training and mission rehearsal software at the forefront of NATO and ABCA accredited military training continuums through our FiresIDF, FiresFST and FiresPRO applications................................. Read More
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  • For over a decade SimCentric has provided sought after expertise for the military simulation and software industry.

    US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) have awarded SimCentric Technologies a fixed price contract for FiresFST, enabling US Army SOF and Naval Special Warfare Command units to train multiple JTACs in individual and collective training proficiencies, successfully achieving certification for 18 personnel................ Read More
  • For over a decade SimCentric has provided sought after expertise for the military simulation and software industry. SimCentric are targeting the reduction of fratricide risk in live field firing by launching SAF-Foresight at I/ITSEC 2018 in Orlando, Florida from the 26th November 2018................ Read More
  • SimCentric Technologies is proud to continue to set the agenda for Safety, Accreditation, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Military Simulation and Training, presenting two White Papers at I/ITSEC 2018 in Orlando................................ Read More

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