FiresBSTTM is a high-quality, cost-effective procedural skills trainer supporting NATO and Commonwealth doctrinally correct procedures for All Arms Call for Fire. Focused on supporting non-Artillery specialists such as Infantry, Armor and Military Police in their application of surface fires, FiresBST enables both stand-alone and instructor led training in indirect fires support for all corps training requirements. Inclusive of all necessary mission controls (Grid, Polar, Shift), SimCentric’s 3D ballistic calculator, and supporting visual aides enhancing trainee comprehension, FiresBST delivers the high quality functionality to effectively train non-Artillery corps military personnel in the effective application of surface fires.    


For Artillery Corps Specialists, Joint Forward Observers, Mortar Fire Observers, Gun Fire Controllers, Naval Gunfire Liaison Officers, FiresIDF is the recommended software module supporting more advanced features including Target Registration, Fireplanning, Fire Support Coordination Measures, advanced controls and adjustments methods and advanced analytical tools.


FiresBST can be flexibly packaged with FiresIDF, FiresFST and FiresPRO modules to customise specific solutions according to user need, with the ability to upgrade between modules whilst retaining commonality of user interface.