SAF-AmbienceTM is an image generator agnostic and scalable pattern of life solution that generates intelligent crowd and traffic movement patterns into training simulations, using industry recognized simulation protocols such as DIS and CIGI. Aimed at solving the issue of synthetic environment “ghost towns”, SAF-Ambience enables contemporary militaries to train in complex operational environments, as outlined in US Army’s Decisive Action Training Environment (DATE) construct.

SAF-Ambience has the capability to support a large number of entities while maintaining full system performance. The terrains in which the SAF-Ambience units are populated are composed of OSM (OpenStreetMap) data. The simulated crowd and traffic units behave in a highly realistic manner and are susceptible to damage. They exhibit behaviors such as attraction, avoidance and fleeing in response to external events. SAF-Ambience also includes an inbuilt congestion control and a path planning system that will intelligently determine unit path and avoid collision between units.