FiresIDFTM (formerly named VBS3FiresTM), is a professional Call-For-Fire training application which combines the flexibility and stunning visuals of VBS3 with a highly sophisticated Call-For-Fire training and simulation system. FiresIDFTM is suitable for a wide range of uses; from training general officers in the All-Arms Call-For-Fire through to practicing experienced forward observers, or simply simulating AI-driven indirect fire in support of VBS3 exercises.

The system allows offensive support specialists to construct a Call-For-Fire which is then processed and actioned within VBS3. The system simulates exterior and terminal ballistics to high levels of detail and supports a wide array of munitions, fuse types and firing platforms. As FiresIDFTM is built upon VBS3, all of VBS3’s standard features are included, including ‘After Action Review’ and the ‘Real Time Editor’.

Uditha Rajasekara
Program Manager

Fires Instructor Control panel with a CFF mission in progress

Trainee Call For Fire Panel

JTAC on overwatch with Fire Support Coordination Measures

Naval gunfire on targets

JTAC on overwatch on the village

Target been suppressed by artillery attack

In Direct Fire using Artillery

Fire Support Coordination measure highlighting a town area