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SimCentric – Safe Employment of your Combat Power

Realistic military training to build genuine collective capability carries inherent, unavoidable and persistent risk. For over a decade SimCentric Technologies has delivered best in class software aimed at the systematic enhancement and improvement of safety in military training through accredited, realistic simulation solutions. By maximizing the number of training iterations that can be undertaken using simulation at low recurring cost, whilst mitigating risks to the greatest extent possible when conducting live military training, we can keep our soldiers, sailors and airmen both safe, and a potent, enabled fighting force.

Our Method

First Principles - Understand the Requirement

At SimCentric we understand that technology is only half of the equation. Employing world class ex-military specialists in training design and instruction, SimCentric applies a detailed first principles analysis model to understand in depth specific individual and collective military training continuums to ensure simulation can be employed judiciously as a combat enabler and risk reduction tool. This ensures a maximum return on your investment with minimum disruption to the primary task of generating capability.

Long Term Collaboration – A Common Goal

SimCentric believes strongly in delivering a solution, not a product. With numerous NATO and ABCA militaries supported, we work continuously with our user community to ensure our training solutions are always at the cutting edge of capability, and fully aligned with military training continuums. Unless our user community are employing our technologies on a continuous basis, seamlessly integrated into their training continuums, and delivering genuine capability enhancements at lowest possible risk, then we have not achieved our mission.

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