SimCentric recently supported the multi-million dollar infrastructure development by the Australian Defence Force (ADF) in the siting and planning of the Section Urban Assault Range (SUAR) in Singleton. Supporting GHD and RPS as the construction primes, SimCentric utilised their SAF-FORESIGHT 3D range planning and visualisation software to digitally achieve in minutes what typically requires hours to manually complete.

After surveying two potential sites, SAF-FORESIGHT was then able to model both options within only minutes, demonstrating advantages and trade-offs inherent with both sites, doctrinal compliance and safety considerations, immediate options analysis around varying size and orientation of movement boxes, arc spans, range restrictions, approach vectors, building locations and access feasibility. SAF-FORESIGHT was then able to dynamically demonstrate various amendments and adjustments in real time, changing parameters based stakeholder input to demonstrate immediately the implications of any design changes.

The efficiency and speed afforded by the use of SAF-FORESIGHT in this process enabled a rapid comprehension of feasible options and inherent trade offs for each option, thereby maximising ADF’s return on investment in the construction of these critical training facilities.

SAF-FORESIGHT has been collaboratively developed in partnership with the Australian Defence Force (ADF) since 2017, with procurement of an enterprise licence of both Planning and Live modules completed in 2019. SAF-FORESIGHT continues to be collaboratively developed with the ADF and subject matter experts.


About SimCentric

Founded in 2008, SimCentric is a global simulation software company with expertise in a wide range of virtual environments. It has four technology divisions, the first is its Immersive Technology division which looks at taking cutting edge technology building truly immersive training experiences. The second, is its Joint Fires division which produces training software recently selected for the UK Joint Fires Synthetic Trainer, and used widely around the world. The third division is the wearable technology division looking at wearable haptics and sensors and their applicability to training. Finally, SimCentric produces a range safety software suite aimed at reducing fratricide in training.

About SimCentric

SimCentric is a technology company focused on transforming training, safety and operational decision making through innovation.  We develop commercial, off-the-shelf technology and strive to be thought leaders and innovators in the areas of: Joint Fires training, range safety and fratricide prevention,  Virtual Reality and virtual training environments, representation of the future battlespace, and smart wearable technology for training. Read More

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