AmbienceTM is a collection of plug and play modules for VBS3 that add a background pattern of life in VBS3. It provides plugins to add both traffic patterns and civilian behavior, or either one of them to match your training requirements. Once installed, AmbienceTM can populate your virtual cities with hundreds or even thousands of civilians and vehicles.

Traffic AmbienceTM and Crowd AmbienceTM are bundled into AmbienceTM.

AmbienceTM is fully integrated with VBS3 and can support many more simulated people than VBS3 can support on its own. This balance of high entity counts and tight integration makes AmbienceTM truly unique. Vehicles generated by AmbienceTM can be damaged and will avoid externally or player controlled vehicles of humans on the roads. Traffic lights, uncontrolled intersections, multi-lane roads and vehicle overtaking are all supported.

Uditha Rajasekara
Program Manager

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