Ambience Pro

Ambience Pro is a collection of plug and play modules for VBS3 that add a background pattern of life in VBS3. It provides plugins to add both traffic patterns and civilian behavior, or either one of them to match your training requirements. Furthermore, it provides a plugin to create a complex pattern of life spanning hours, or even days, and to execute that pattern of life inside VBS3.

Ambience Pro is designed for the customer for whom the exact nature of the pattern-of-life is critical. You can ‘markup’ your terrain by designating types of buildings (such as residential, religious, offices, retail, food outlets, schools etc). You can then build demographic groups, and add actions for each group to a timeline. This means that you can build heavy traffic during rush-hours, congregations at religious buildings at certain times, heavy populations of children around schools and so forth.

Finally, Ambience Pro allows you to edit the automatically generated road and pedestrian networks. You can move road crossing points, add traffic lighted intersections, remove traffic lights, add parking areas and much more. It is the ultimate tool for the customer who needs a configurable and realistic pattern of life.