CAPE™ is a powerful tool for planning then executing missions to analyse and validate their consequence, efficiency and precision. It enables objective, automated and customizable analysis of joint and combined arms effects across various terrains, scenarios, force compositions and durations.

CAPE™ comes with a comprehensive, easy-to-use editor that supports all the VBS3 compatible terrains and entities. The user interface enables rapid and simple placement of elements on specific topographical locations, with an adjustable timeline for mission sequencing. The editor displays useful terrain details such as road networks, buildings (potentially incorporating geo-specific cities), vegetation and contour lines to enable planning accuracy.

Your imagination is the only limitation for the utility of CAPE™ in operational planning, training, capability development and acquisition, mission rehearsals and battlespace sequencing.

Uditha Rajasekara
Program Manager

About SimCentric

SimCentric is a technology company focused on transforming training, safety and operational decision making through innovation.  We develop commercial, off-the-shelf technology and strive to be thought leaders and innovators in the areas of: Joint Fires training, range safety and fratricide prevention,  Virtual Reality and virtual training environments, representation of the future battlespace, and smart wearable technology for training. Read More

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