FiresPROTM (formerly named VBS3Fires FST ProTM) is an accredited, immersive and scalable Call-For-Fire and Close Air Support training simulation that blends doctrinally correct NATO and Commonwealth procedures with an advanced human and vehicular pattern of life, enabling realistic Collateral Damage Estimates (CDE) and Battle Damage Assessments (BDA).

Supporting both conventional peer-on-peer and counter-insurgency operational scenarios, FiresPROTM enables JFOs and JTACs to train realistically in a modern complex battlespace against an agile and adaptive adversary. Heightened realism and cognitively challenging training are enabled through the incorporation of non-combatants, urban clutter, UAV surveillance, various close air support platforms and accurate military targeting procedures.

Collateral damage and civilian casualties result in irreparable strategic harm in modern military campaigns – FiresPROTM delivers an optimal platform to genuinely train JFOs and JTACs to mitigate and reduce such instances.

Uditha Rajasekara
Program Manager

CAS attack on insurgents by an AC130

5 Line Brief on trainee VBS terminals

POD/ UAV view of a target area

JTAC on overwatch with Fire Support Coordination Measures

CAS Attack on an IED mounted area

9 Line attack panel on FiresFST application

Crowd fleeing from an attack area

Crowd object with an interest area