SAF-FORESIGHTTM is a 3-dimensional range safety, planning, visualization, briefing, risk assessment, analysis and safety intervention tool supporting live fire collective military training. Joint Service Publication (JSP) 403 compliant, SAF-FORESIGHTTM generates ballistically accurate Range Danger Area (RDA) templates mandatory for the conduct of live field firing. Today RDA templates are typically generated by a series of hand-drawn traces on clear plastic with manual submission and approval. SAF-FORESIGHTTM allows for the 3D digitization of this entire process for multiple permanent and temporary ranges overlaid on geo-specific training areas. SAF-FORESIGHTTM also includes a wealth of planning and visualization aids developed in close collaboration with the user community to support the safe and efficient planning, conduct and risk analysis of live fire training. SAF-FORESIGHTTM can export RDA templates and control measures to synthetic training  environments enabling seamless 3D range design, analysis, rehearsals, briefing, and virtual walkthroughs to be conducted.

Gareth Collier
Vice President – Strategy