VSALT is a ‘Visual Search and Autonomous Linkage Tool’ that facilitates a cohesion of Human Interaction and Autonomous Data Processing for Human Intelligence to improve Big Data Analysis and Reporting.
Analysing large volumes of data also referred to as ‘Big Data Analysis’ involves the application of the following:
1. Search – retrieving a specific set of information using an efficient Searching Method or Algorithm
2. Browse – reviewing the set of information retrieved to narrow down on what is being looked for by relying more on one’s intuition in order to understand the meaningful relations and dependencies within.
3. Visualization – representing data elements and information in a graphical format, to aid Intelligence Analysts to understand the meaning of data and relationships between data elements.

VSALT combines these concepts to support Intelligent Analysts to explore and establish meaningful relations or linkages between distinct data. VSALT provides the platform for Intelligent Analysts to simultaneously Search, Browse and Visualize large datasets while interacting with Search Results to explore insights into linkages between data sources.

VSALT does not attempt to replace Human Intelligence, rather it is a tool geared to assist Human Intelligence to find linkages within ‘Big Data’ using its in-built Intelligent automated filters to add value to an Intelligent Analyst’s skill and intuition on associating data.

Why use VSALT?
With the high volume of scientifically valuable, sensitive and intelligent data being generated by varied Intelligent Sources, the challenges and opportunities associated with processing the same data within Intelligence Centres are exponentially high. The cost of harvesting, analyzing, and converting ‘Big Data’ into intelligence or meaningful information can be significantly reduced by improving the Quality, Speed, Agility and Efficacy of the process in which data is searched, sorted and browsed. Using VSALT, Intelligence Centres and Intelligent Analysts can predominantly improve their Intelligence and Surveillance analysis capabilities by taking a step further to determine and establish the important linkages among collated and stored data, in order to be able to provide more timely and useful intelligence.
VSALT is a user-friendly tool that hides much of the complexity that inherently tags along with the process of analysing large datasets.

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