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About SimCentric

SimCentric Technologies is an R&D company specializing in advanced simulation add-ons and behavior control modules. We specialize on the bottom-up development of novel and innovative products. Our product range can be divided into three categories:

    1. Procedural Tools
    2. Support Tools
    3. Behavioural Tools
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Latest News

  • SimCentric Technologies will be exhibiting at I/ITSEC 2017 in Orlando 27 Nov – 1 Dec on the Bohemia Interactive Simulations Booth #2235. SimCentric shall demonstrate numerous enhancements to their flagship VBS3Fires FST Pro enabling full spectrum .............. Read More
  • SimCentric Technologies proved the power, potency and flexibility of their software at the Australian Simulation Congress in Sydney last month in the Distributed Mission Training (DMT) Activity, replicating an Amphibious lodgement............... Read More
  • On the 28th August 2017 SimCentric Technologies is launching a Global User Community Forum providing a range of supporting tools and resources, an exchange forum to enable file upload and download, ................ Read More
  • SimCentric Technologies is exhibiting at ASC 2017 in Sydney 28th – 31st August, demonstrating the latest value-adding capabilities that augment the quality VBS3 synthetic environment platform. SimCentric delivers tangible, relevant and scalable training outcomes through fully integrated and modular procedural, behavioural, and training support applications for VBS.......... Read More
  • SimCentric are proud to announce the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) concluded their acquisition of a perpetual enterprise licence of VBS3 FiresFST in July 2017. This procurement marks the culmination of a strong collaborative effort over several years between SimCentric, Bohemia Interactive Simulations, the NZDF Mission Command Training School (MCTS) and the New Zealand School of Artillery to fully integrate......... Read More

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