SimCentric Exhibiting at I/ITSEC 2019

SimCentric Acquires P-TAC

SimCentric are proud to announce their acquisition of P-TAC, an innovative start-up in the field of Virtual Reality and Immersive military training.  P-TAC developed its ground-breaking Virtual Reality team-based product utilizing feedback and support from the UK’s elite Parachute Regiment, being successfully put through its paces at the UK’s prestigious Infantry Training Centre, Catterick, in front of a live audience of Senior Officers and NCOs.

Dr. Adam Easton, CEO of SimCentric said, “We are thrilled to have a such an innovative company joining the SimCentric team. P-TAC have shown themselves to be best-in-class and true innovators in this space that we see as fundamental to the future of military training.”

Mr. Tom Constable, CEO of P-TAC added, “We are excited by the prospect of SimCentric bringing its extensive software development capabilities to build the next generation of Immersive Reality training”.

SimCentric will be demonstrating SAF-TAC; its new UE4 based, low-overhead, immersive virtual reality training technology at I/ITSEC 2019.

It’s been a busy year for SimCentric in 2019.   As we approach I/ITSEC, we’d like to share some of the highlights from the year.  Please come and speak to us at I/ITSEC @Booth #1259 or contact us to find out more.

ADF Enterprise Procurement of SAF-FORESIGHT

The Australian Defence Force concluded procurement of an enterprise license of SAF-FORESIGHT, with multi-year support, and additional funded development. SAF-FORESIGHT is SimCentric’s 3D range safety, planning, visualization, risk assessment, analysis and safety intervention tool supporting live fire collective military training. Built over two years as a collaborative partnership with ADF Subject-Matter Experts, SAF-FORESIGHT is focused on the mitigation of fratricide risk in live fire training.

ADF SAF-FORESIGHT Live Proof of Concept

Building on SAF-FORESIGHT’s range design functionality, SimCentric partnered with the ADF to conduct a highly successful proof of concept utilizing advanced algorithmic modelling to analyze geolocated troops during the live fire execution phase, providing automated preventative warnings where fratricide risk increased beyond acceptable thresholds. This continuing initiative represents a significant priority for SimCentric to support realistic live fire force generation at minimum risk.

QuantaDyn QFires Desktop System utilizing FiresPRO

SimCentric is delighted to be showing as part of our Joint Fires demonstration, QuantaDyn Corporation’s QFires™ Desktop joint fires training system which is configured with FiresPRO, DIScover, and Bohemia Interactive’s VBS3 and VBS Blue IG. This is a representative system of one that will be delivered on the recently awarded UK MoD Joint Fires Synthetic Trainer (JFST) program. SimCentric’s FiresFST procedural training software, already used by US Marine Corps, US Air Force, USSOCOM, Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy and Sweden, shall be delivered to the UK MoD as part of the JFST program in 2020.

FiresFST V19.1 and 20.1 VBS3 Releases and New Features

SimCentric has continued extensive investment in our flagship FiresFST, supporting our expansive NATO and ABCA customer base. With current releases available up to V19.1, and work already commenced on V20.1, major new improvements include:

  • Enhancements to Fire Planning functionality
  • Close Air Support Attack Scheduling (complementing existing Fire planning)
  • New platforms including B-2, B-52, B-1B, F-22A and AC130-W including dual target attack
  • New ammunition natures including GBU-39 SDB, WP2 and HexaChloroethane Smoke
  • Automated import of supporting worksheets, reference points and FSCM on startup
  • Enhanced Reports and Returns workflows
  • Locate and save Air Reference Points direct to 3D map
  • Enhanced 3D airspace de-confliction and analytics
  • Additional methods of engagement for CAS Missions
  • Quick Smoke Mission workflow with enhanced canister physics

SAF-FIRES Integrated with US Army STE

SimCentric has completed a technical integration of our SAF-FIRES standards based Joint Fires training module with US Army’s selected Synthetic Training Environment (STE) VT MAK platform, MAK One which is to be used for the CSE (Common Synthetic Environment). Delivering SAF-FIRES functionality across VR-Vantage, VR-Forces and VR-Engage platforms, SimCentric shall be demonstrating this integration at I/ITSEC supporting both surface and aerial fires scenarios.

SAF-FIRES Integrated with Raytheon Virtual Reality

SimCentric has collaborated with Raytheon to employ our SAF-FIRES Joint Fires software in preparation for the STE SVT program.  The VR training application can be seen at Booth #1037, incorporating the UE4 synthetic environment utilizing SAF-FIRES to enable doctrinal joint fires. This immersive training application allows users to execute both fundamental and advanced procedures in completing various operational preparedness tasks as a JTAC or JFO, inclusive of emulated equipment, communications and ISR feeds.

US Marine Corps WGC Award

SimCentric are proud to announce the completion in Q4 2019 of our OTA with the US Marine Corps and PM Wargaming Center (WGC). Delivering program risk reduction via a unique web-based User Interface prototype (SAF-FUZE) capable of simultaneously interacting with multiple simulation services, this OTA has enabled the US Marine Corps to assess the relative utility of enhanced modularity and flexibility in system architecture, with lower cost of ownership and product substitution both initially and during program technical refresh. SimCentric looks forward to working further on this initiative with the US Marine Corps in 2020.

UK MoD DSTL / DASA Research Program – Simulation Testbed for High Fidelity Human Behavior within Megacities

SimCentric are pleased to announce the final delivery of a DSTL contract run through the Defence and Security Accelerator for a project to explore the definition of a simulation testbed for high fidelity human behavior within Megacities.

This project included the development of a proof of concept for a highly modular, standards based, visual system agnostic simulation engine focused exclusively on representing the various elements of the Megacity, with heavy emphasis on facilitating reuse of behaviors developed within the system, embracing a “write once, run anywhere” philosophy. In order to meet these objectives a simulation architecture was demonstrated which is fully distributable (using spatial partitioning of entities) in order to enable scaling of population size by adding addition simulation instances.

SAF-GEAR Smart Wearables Launch

SimCentric has successfully delivered a groundbreaking machine learning technology platform utilizing smart garment wearable technology to help drive safety, realism and injury mitigation within training and simulation applications. The SAF-GEAR platform consists of a light weight base layer garment with embedded sensor and haptic devices and low power integration module all supported by a cloud based machine learning platform to record, collate, analyze, and using haptic feedback, act upon real time data generated by the user across a wide range of use cases.

SAF-GEAR is currently under trial with UK MOD supporting multiple initiatives, with outstanding initial results and operator feedback. Future development iterations across a wider span of military functional activities and use cases are planned in early 2020.

UK MoD DSTL / DASA Research Program – Smart Trainer. An adaptive framework for learning and monitoring physical activity in real-time for Injury Prevention

SimCentric are proud to announce the completion of another DSTL DASA awarded contract for a project to develop and test an adaptive framework for learning and monitoring physical activity in real-time for Injury Prevention.

This project, which culminated in successful trials with 9 Regt RLC (British Army), included an adaptive framework that focused on real-time injury prevention during physical exercise. A web-based portal was used to host a deep learning-based machine learning platform which learnt new types of physical activities based on data from wearable smart devices and captured movement / joint flex information on the wearer. The SAF-GEAR hardware and software focused on reducing the risk of musculoskeletal injuries by notifying the user via vibrating haptic feedback prior to an unsafe movement being executed.


The SimCentric, PLEXSYS, ZedaSoft and ImmersaView Technology Consortium has completed an integration of PLEXSYS’ Advanced Simulation Combat Operations Trainer (ASCOT) strategic level constructive CGF platform with SimCentric’s SAF-FIRES Joint Fires software. Enabling full global replication of peer-level conflict scenarios with high fidelity Joint Fires, this integration enables numerous applications across wargaming, experimentation, and individual, collective and command training. This most recent integration adds to existing mature functionality across ZedaSoft’s MiLToC software enabling constructive to virtual handoff of platform controls, and ImmersaView’s cutting edge VADAAR after action review technology. These collective technologies are being demonstrated at the PLEXSYS Booth #1573.

SimCentric Exhibiting at I/ITSEC on Booth #1259

SimCentric is exhibiting at I/ITSEC 2019 in Orlando, FL over the period 2nd – 6th Dec 2019 for our ninth straight year. Come and experience the latest innovations in Accredited Joint Fires, Fratricide Risk Reduction, Smart Wearables, and Immersive Reality supporting Joint Force Readiness and Capability Generation.

Visit us on Booth #1259, or schedule an appointment.

SimCentric Technologies are focussed on enabling the safe employment of your combat power. When safety is on the line, only the very best training solution will suffice.

For more information on SimCentric military training solutions and applications please contact us.

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